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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  February 20, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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live from the kgo broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> a deal is done. dock workers and their employers finally came to an agreement a short time ago ending a month long labor dispute jie. and that deal should ease the cargo congestion that has crippled west coast ports. >> i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. let's take a look at the port of oakland and you can see crews unloading container ships. >> alan wang is live with the story. >> i interviewed the spokesman for the longshoreman and asked if the union accepts responsibility in the blow to california's economy. he essentially said this was something that had to happen. >> there is blame going around. it is part of the democrat tib
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process. the workers have to have a voice and they have to stand up. >> the port activity is going to be restored to full capacity. a five-year tentative agreement will leave coastal ports and it ends a 9-month labor dispute. california exports like agriculture has been riding on the docks waiting to get out. president obama ordered the labor secretary perez to come to san francisco to intervene. he still has confidence in the arbitration system. >> i think it is an efficient system that works. sometimes it takes too long and in this case it took too long. >> the labor dispute between the long shore men and the association caused significant damage to the u.s. economy. he has $800,000 worth of garment imports off the coast waiting to get into port.
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>> we have had orders canceled and we had department stores can sell their orders. >> confidence in the port has been shaken leaving the ceo of the national retail federation must dedication ourselves to finding a new way to ensure that this nightmare scenario is not repeated again. alan wang abc7 news. >> governor jerry brown said this costly port dispute has hurt many people and we are glad it is over. >> we are glad to tell you a baby is safe after a suspected it thief drove off with the child in san francisco. it happened at the sports basement store in the presidio near kris see field. a man and woman were suspected of shoplifting around 7:30 this evening. officers believe he stole that car with the woman inside. the child was dropped off at a grand parent's home and police have arrested the man. >> police are trying to figure out if street racing caused a fatal hit-and-run in oakland this afternoon.
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a neighbor told us that maurice summer field died. they were over 32nd street around 3:30 when witnesses say a speeding car hit summer field. the driver of the car ran away and police are still looking for him. investigators are looking into reports that the car was racing a pick up truck. witnesses also say that the drivers were shooting paintball guns at each other. the 48-year-old almost got run over. his girlfriend told us he was walking in the area and survived by diving out of the way. >> he got off the curb. >> police are asking anyone who saw what happened to give them a call of the. >> and in san francisco police believed the driver of an suv ran a red light before hitting a mother and a toddler as they road a bicycle. the mother broke a leg and her daughter suffered bumps and
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bruises. >> you have probably seen the old bay bridge being slowly dismantled piece by piece. but cal trans can move it along a lot faster. sergio is along to explain. what do engineers have in mind? >> cal trans is looking for permission to implode one case on the old eastern span of the bay bridge. if that goes well in november when they are looking to do it, they may seek to do that as well. >> this is piere-3 and it is the biggest and the foundation is the deepest of the whole structure. it is 50 feet below the water surface. >> the idea is to use highly controlled charges to bring down the foundation. >> in an animation they noticed there is not one large charge and instead a bunch of small ones. >> you never have one peak shock wave.
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you have hundreds of smaller shocks that actually break up the concrete and we are done in six seconds. >> he is an independent structural engineer. if done correctly it should collapse on itself. >> many buildings are taken down carefully and successfully. there is plenty of expertise to do that, and it is a great option. >> the idea of explosions underwater raises lots of environmental concerns. >> regards impact to wildlife, how are these toxic chemicals and concrete within the structure how will they be managed. >> an implosion will be tied with the tides to keep the particles from being swept away and this november is low migration season and they have the smallest impact on wildlife. abc7 news. >> police are looking for a car thief who drove right into the owner. it happened tonight in the parking lot of the wall mar near john muir parkway.
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she saw a young woman in her car and ran over with her shopping cart and got behind the car. that's when the woman hit the gas. >> i was right behind her. >> and she kept going. >> she went fast. >> the the force of the impact sent her to the ground. >> a disturbing mystery in sacramento. neighbors keep finding dead animals in bags and boxes in a local park. it started last month when bags of headless chickens were found. it was a dead tortoise and sheep. the animals might have been killed in religious ceremonies. starting tomorrow, anyone who is dialing from a 415 phone number to a 415 number will have to do it differently. you will have to dial 1-415 like you are dialing another area code. say you want to dial you would
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say 1-415 [inaudible]. if you don't remember that 1-415 you will hear a recording to tell you to hang up and dial again and your call will not go through. the change is happening so they can introduce a new area code, the the 628 code that will be an over lay. it means it will be assigned to new numbers in the 415 region. they will be assigned next month. the actual dialing change starts tomorrow. >> try to remember because that sound is awful. oscar weekend is upon us with less than 48 hours until the big show. the red carpet has been rolled out. take a look. >> this time lapse video makes it look quick and easy. but it is really a process. this year it is complicated by the threat of rain. >> katie is live at the doll be theater in hollywood with how crews are preparing. hi, katie. >> those with us for the earlier newscast will see a
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different red carpet wha. a difference a couple hours makes. we have a major construction project underway. that's the rain tent going up. it is not anyone's first choins, but the chance of rain has people saying we don't want to take any chances. the beautiful people will walk the red carpet on sunday, but right now it is not pretty. >> you lose the scale when you do that. it is a bummer. >> joe lewis is the associate producer. he made up the call to put up the tent saying the threat of rain is too great a risk. >> tbel:00 p.m. to 6 -- 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. maybe we need to nominate her and things will inning cha. >> until then crews got things done while the sun was still shining. tweaking the digital screens. moving actual oscar props and reflecting the red carpet itself. all to the delight of onlookers happy to take
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pictures of anything oscar related. at this point it is all about the tenting. joe lewis tells me he has a 30-man crew and he will be working around the clock until this project is finished. live in hollywood abc7 fuse. >> wow thanks katie. our live coverage is this sunday oscar sunday at 2:00 p.m. with on the red carpet with the oscars. see what the stars are wearing with the oscars red carpet live. >> and then watch who wins as neil patrick harris hosts the oscars. >> katie will be there the whole weekend. watch for her reports. someone may be tracking your car and taking pictures of your license plate. >> michael finney is here with the story. >> repo companies are driving around snapping pictures of cars and maybe even yours. then what? i'll show you what is being done with all of that information and what you can do to keep your privacy from being repossessed. >> and towering inferno. the fire that is burning in
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the world's tallest apartment building. >> i am abc7 news meteorologist sand yaw patel. a -- sandhya patel. a cold low is coming of
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this is abc7 news. >> an update now on a fire that burned through one of the world's tallest residential buildings known as the torch tower. the fire is out and investigators are trying to figure out how it started. high winds spread the flames quickly through several of the 79 floors. thousands of people were evacuated in the middle of the night. >> many bay area law enforcement vehicles have cameras that record license plates. you know that. those records go into a big database to help catch criminals. >> did you know repoe trucks also have them and they are
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helping out the police? michael finney has that story tonight. >> private companies -- you are -- private companies use these cameras. it records not only your license plate but where you are and at what time. then they share store and sell this information with virtually no oversight. someone is following you. >> everybody wants to know what we are doing. >> tracking your car and taking photos and recording your precise location. >> people are always concerned what the cameras are for. >> and selling that information. so who is behind this vast and virtually unknown network of surveillance. >> the repoe man. >> now he uses camera technology to get the job done. fleets of repo trucks with cameras are rigged up with the same technology that police use. their high speed cameras capture thousands of plates an
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hour. >> we get about 20,000 plates scanned in a day. >> it is a digital snap shot. where we go. who we are with and when. >> on the public safety side they are controlled. on the private sector side it is a business. it is not clear how long they can keep the information and how they can share that information and how they can sell that information. >> two of the biggest names in theus bs, drn and nv track, were started by former repo men. they sell their cameras to many bay area law enforcement agencies. >> drn that focuses on private enterprise and their primary customers are lending institutions and insurance carriers. >> that's the repo business. >> he says that they can keep their license plate data indefinitely. >> on average we have seen a
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vehicle 10 times in seven years. >> he requested the plns plate from the agency. >> 200 of my vehicles collected over two years. >> he was disturbed by the photos of him getting out of his car with his daughter. >> there is a gps latitude and longitude stamped to it so we know where and when the picture was taken. >> scott jackson is the ceo. >> everyone has a right to take a photograph in public. >> they are worried the information could fall into the wrong hands. >> right now we are trusting the companies to tell us how to share the information. >> they are located in san francisco. she is concerned how private investigators might use this information. >> and that would mean that for example divorce attorneys could have access to it. people who are trying to stalk people from prior
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relationships could have access to it. >> law enforcement says they are talking to shopping malls and hospitals to install license plate readers. these are the places where police say they would like help catching criminals. >> that's incredible. >> thank you, michael. >> all right, well let's turn our attention to the weekend forecast. the oscars weekend. >> that's right. sandhya patel is here with what we can expect. >> i want to show you a treat first and we will talk about the oscar forecast. you are looking at venus, mars and the moon. a nice gathering and here is a picture sent to me. this is from the pigeon point lighthouse. is that breathtaking or what? it is just enough fog. very patchy and limited. from our live hd perspective, the fog has expanded along the coast and we do have some over the valleys. visibility is running low in parts of the bay area. places like santa rosa and
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half moon bay. the temperatures right now, mid40s in the coldest north bay valleys. for many other parts in the 50s. here is our view from our golden gate bridge camera. this is what your saturday morning is going to look like. foggy. dense morning fog in some areas and nield and sunny for the afternoon. cooler sunday. quiet pattern as we head toward next week. here is the pacific satellite picture. you know the strong ridge that has been hold? it is beginning to yield. what is it yielding to? we have a cold low that will drop down. it is not coming over the the water where it would pick up a lot of moisture. it is coming directly over land. it will bring showers on sunday. for parts of the east bay we could see a few spring el cs. sprinkles. in southern california it will be scattered showers on oscar sunday. the red carpet may get a little wet. katie hopefully has her umbrella for oscars. 60 degrees at 2:00 p.m. and dropping to the upper 50s with a chance of showers.
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in the bay area it would be great to see the showers, but right now it is not looking like showers. if you do have plans on saturday it is dry. nhl stadium series and the l.a. kings versus the sharks at levi stayed -- stadium. midto upper 50s cool and clear. just make sure you grab a sweatshirt because it will get cool especially toward the end of the game. temperatures starting out in the low 40s and low 50s. if your kids have games you will need a jacket and sweater. mild and sunny and south bay 72 gilroy and 70 in san jose and 71 los gatos. 70 in redwood city and pacifica 64. fog will hang around in the afternoon. same thing for daily city. north bay communities 70 degrees and santa rosa and napa and 68 in vallejo. 69 oakland and 70 in fremont and unseasonably mild inland. accu-weather seven-day forecast cooler breezy on sunday and oscar sunday
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sprinkles are possible. be -- we will go with the dry forecast. next week, oscar sunday, gotta tune in. let's see if katie is dry. of course we want to see all of the action as well. >> definitely. th sandhya. >> coming up next on the abc7 news, a touching outpouring of love and support for a young boy with autism. >> how strangers made sure he had the bes
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a 6-year-old florida boy with autism was devastated after no one showed up to his birthday party. glen's mother posted about it on facebook and the kindness came pouring in. complete strangers brought over gifts and the county shear riff's office even -- sheriff's office even arranged for the helicopter to fly over his home. >> the amazingness of everybody coming together for somebody they didn't even know. a kid that didn't have anybody come to his birthday party just warmed my heart. >> police dogs and firefighters also stopped by
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to wish glen happy birthday. >> so sweet. happy birthday to glen. on to sports. >> and how are the warriors doing tonight. >> he was great and the warriors take down the defending nba
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good evening. the warriors open the second half of the season against a team that has given them fits through the years. the spurs and the warriors make a statement against the defending nba champs. is steve kerr frat niecessing with the enemy? behind the back and splash. the spurs shot 60% from the field in the first half. yet they still trailed. aaron banes with 12 and you know you are in trouble. on the alley-oop. this is nice. coast to coast and behind the back. that's why they call him the baby-faced assassin.
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the warriors by seven at the break. use your left hand young players. they out score the spurs 45-6. all warriors in the third quarter and curry for 25 points. fade away over the splitter and the warriors win it 110-99. the ice is down and ready for the sharks and kings in the stadium series tomorrow night at levi stadium. it takes a massive effort to get up to nhl quality. both teams and their families got a chance to skate around today. don't worry she's okay. they do one stadium series a year so this is special. >> the whole production the sharks put on here at levi stadium i'm at a loss of words. from following social media and seeing it firsthand and experiencing it, it is really
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really cool. >> absurd goal of the night. avalanche and blackhawks. he is dumping the puck in and he scores. cory crawford was trying to pass it up the ice and he lets it go in off his stick. wanna get away cory? avs win it 4-1. bruce bochy is out of the hospital. good news after having a heart procedure to insert two assistants. -- stints. he was hospitalized after uncomfortable visits at the hospital. he could be back at spring training on sunday. the biggest fight in boxing history is on. they will get it on in vegas may 2nd. this is what they have been waiting for for years. mayweather could earn $120 million in this fight and pacquiao about $80 million. it will probably go to a decision and then they will have a rematch and do it again. >> this is like $100 on pay per view. >> $899 or $99 -- $89 or $99.
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>> thanks, larr


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